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BASF, Corbion Purac, International Paper, Ivar's Restaurants and more at Biopolymers 2014

You can't afford to miss Biopolymers 2014! Co-located with the BIO World Congress in Philadelphia May 12-13, this conference and exhibition will show you how others - from academia to the world's most successful companies - are producing and using bioplastic and non-plastic biopolymers to compete with traditional materials and create more sustainable products. Register now!

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 Monday, May 12, 2014

8:00 Registration and Refreshments
8:50 Dr. Ramani Narayan, University Distinguished Professor, Michigan State University and Dr. Paul Fowler, Executive Director WIST, UWSP
Judy Giordan, Qteros Opening Keynote: Biopolymers and Plastics: Expectations and Reality
The promise of transforming traditional petroleum based value streams for polymers and plastics to biobased ones has seen its fits and starts. Larger investments in the first decade of the 21st century are declining and the specter of new, abundant and cheap hydrocarbon sources looms large on the horizon. How will biobased systems compete on the three key parameters for success: cost, performance and scale? And will the results be enough to transform expectations to reality?
Judy Giordan, Managing Principal, ecosVC and Chief Technology Officer, Qteros

Strategies for the Industry - Panel Discussion

Panel Moderator: Dr. Paul Fowler, Executive Director WIST, UWSP
- Biopolymers: Niche vs. Commodity Plastics
- Challenge of cost
- New Emerging Players vs. Traditional ones diversifying
- Homegrown production vs. Manufacturing overseas

Sarah Martinez Sarah Martinez
Sustainability Maven
Eco-Products, Inc
David Clark David Clark
Vice President, Safety Environment & Sustainability
Amcor Ltd
Dr Narayan Dr. Ramani Narayan
University Distinguished Professor
Michigan State University
Michael Saltzberg Dupont Michael A. Saltzberg
Business Director, BioMaterials
DuPont Industrial BioSciences

Networking break

Nina Goodrich Sustainability and Biopolymers: Are Biopolymers Key Building Blocks in our Development of a Regenerative Economy
Nina Goodrich
Director, Sustainable Packaging Coalition and
Executive Director, GreenBlue

Innovation in End Use Applications

Moderator: Rhodes Yepsen, Marketing Manager, Novamont North America

Travis Carter Connecting the Dots through Science
Travis Carter
Director of Sustainable Product Development & Quality
Unisource Global Solutions, a division of Unisource Worldwide, Inc.
Glenn Green Surgical Applications of Bioresorbable 3D-printed Medical Devices
Glenn E. Green, M.D.
Associate Professor, Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology
University of Michigan

At 12:30 p.m., please join your colleagues for a networking lunch! Afternoon tracks will begin at 2:00 p.m.

Advances in Sustainable Feedstocks and the Sustainable Supply Chain

Chair: Jack Huttner, President, Huttner Strategies

A representative sample of executives and experts will address the practical challenges of meeting and/or delivering biobased materials that meet high standards for sustainable production. Speakers may come from the farmer producer (upstream) sector, the conversion or processing sector and the end-user (downstream) sector. Speakers will focus on how their organization is responding to market signals and how they see the supply chain forming to address this new consumer expectation.

Innovations in Biobased Monomers and Polymers

Chair: Keith Edwards, Biopolymers Manager North America, ecoflex® & ecovio®, BASF

Leading companies such as Arkema, BASF, Corbion Purac and Meridian are investing in new Biobased Monomers and Polymers to meet growing market demand for innovation and sustainable products. Come and hear how industry leaders are making use of new technologies and existing infrastructure to produce world scale bioplastics with improving performance. Learn how they view controversial topics such as GMO and food resources for use in bioplastics during this forward looking panel discussion.

The World of Functional Non-Plastic Biopolymers

Chair: Greg Keenan, Vice President Business Development
Penford Products Co.

Biopolymers are a $4 Billion market in the US. More than 90% of the biopolymers in industrial use today are used in applications outside of plastic and packaging. This session seeks to 1) highlight the broader market opportunities for biopolymers including their use as adhesives, coating additives, rheology modifiers and absorbents and 2) emphasize the variety of biopolymers in use today including those derived from starch, cellulose, rubber and natural gums.

Jack HuttnerDeveloping of a Sustainable Supply Chain For Biopolymers: A Status Report

Jack Huttner
Huttner Strategies
Rina SinghCurrent Activity in the Production of Renewable Chemicals

Dr. Rina Singh
Senior Director of Policy, Science, and Renewable Chemicals
Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO)
Jean MoreauInnovation to Market

Jean Moreau
President, Chief Executive Officer
Field to Market Initiative: Promising Developments in Sustainable Agriculture

Rod Snyder, President
Field to Market
Stefan BarotBiobased Performance Materials in Injection Molding

Stefan Barot
Global Director PLA
Corbion Purac
Kevin LassilaBenefits of a Micronized Biopolymer Coatings Additive

Kevin Lassila
Director of Technology

3:00- 3:45 p.m. Networking Break

Steve DaviesThe Biopolymer Producer's Perspective on Sustainable Feedstocks & Meeting Customer Needs
Steve Davies
Director Marketing & Public Affairs
NatureWorks LLC
Min ZhengInnovation in High Performance Biobased Polyamides: A Never Ending Story
Dr Min Zheng
Business Development Manager Consumer Markets
Jeff MartinNatural, Premium Bio-­Materials: Guayule BioRubber - An Integrated BioRefinery
Jeff Martin
President & CEO
Yulex Corporation
Matt RudolfHow a Robust Certification Scheme Can Contribute to Your Success
Matthew Rudolf
Business Development & Americas Director
Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB)
Lars BorgerBiopolymers and Sustainable Development - Beyond Composting
Lars Boerger
Head of Global New Business Development
Don HiscockBiobased Hydrocolloids for Consumer and Industrial Water-based Systems
Donald Hiscock
Director, Innovation & Business Development
CP Kelco
yepsonSustainable Bioeconomies: A Model For Innovative Biopolymers

Rhodes Yepsen, Marketing Manager
Novamont North America
Leading the way in Bioploymer Commercialization - From Farm to Table

Dr. Isao Noda, Senior Vice President - Innovation
Meredian Bioplastics, Inc. and Paul Pereira, Executive Chairman of the Board
Meredian Holdings Group Inc
Panel Discussion with speakers from the Session

At the close of the afternoon panel discussions, you're invited to join your colleagues at a networking reception before heading out on the town!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

8:00 Morning Refreshments
8:30 Opening Remarks
Dr. Ramani Narayan, University Distinguished Professor, Michigan State University and Dr. Paul Fowler, Executive Director WIST, UWSP
8:40 Announcement of the winner of the 2014 Innovations in Bioplastics Award by SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association
Alex Rosenthal The World's Most Untold Story . . . Forests & Paper and their Convergence with Bio-based Plastics
Alex Rosenthal
Sustainability Project Lead
International Paper

How Biopolymers in Compostable Food Service Packaging Open the Door to Zero Waste

Chair: Dick Lilly, Business Area Manager for Waste Prevention and Product Stewardship, Seattle Public Utilities Solid Waste Division

As more and more cities and facilities operators search for ways to really get to "zero waste," biopolymers in compostable food service packaging are playing an essential role. Learn what's been done to promote compostable food service packaging by leading cities such as Seattle and major facilities operators such as Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, how restaurants (Ivar's, a leading regional chain in the Northwest) have responded to the changes and how new biopolymer-based products are impacting the compost industry (Peninsula Compost Group, Wilmington, Del.) - the crucial final step needed to make the whole system work.

Innovation in Processing and Performance

Chair: Dr. Paul Fowler, Executive Director WIST, UWSP


Innovation is an underlying theme in the biopolymers' sphere. Manufacturers and researchers continue to develop new processing and performance characteristics in their offerings to differentiate and add value to their product range. In this session, expert speakers from Europe, North America and Asia will highlight examples of (a) competitiveness against shale-gas fed petrochemicals; (b) new catalytic process to derive high value PLA; (c) opportunities and challenges for bio-based polyethylene; and (d) renewable based nylons.

Dick LillyHow a Simple Ban on Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) in Food Service led to a Major "Zero Waste" Strategy for the City of Seattle
Dick Lilly
Business Area Manager for Waste Prevention and Product Stewardship
Seattle Public Utilities Solid Waste Division
Ali HarlanBiopolymer Competiveness against Shale-gas Fed Petrochemicals
Ali Harlin
Industrial Biomaterials Program Manager
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport & the Path to Zero Waste
Liza Milagro
Senior Sustainability Planner
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, City of Atlanta - Department of Aviation
Rina CarliniNovel Catalysts for Producing High-Value Biodegradable Polylactic Acid
Dr. Rina Carlini, Director, Commercial Development, GreenCentre Canada

Networking break

Nelson WidellLarge Scale Food Waste Composting in Wilmington, Delaware
Nelson Widell
The Peninsula Compost Company LLC
James KahnBiopolymers - Braskem's Green Polyethylene: Expanding Products and Applications
James Kahn
Commercial Manager
Braskem America, Inc.
Bob DoneganCase Study of Ivar's Seafood Restaurants and Their Experience with Compostable Packaging
Bob Donegan
Ivar's Restaurants
Paul CaswllNow Available: Cathay Industrial Biotech's Renewable Polyamides (Terryl®)
Paul Caswell
Cathay Industrial Biotech

A Mega-Case Study of Bioplastics in the Food Service Industry: From Concept and Strategy to Implementation and Beyond
- Motivation for implementing biobased plastic in food service operation
- Assembling & collaborating with supply chain partners
- Challenges and hurdles around implementation
- Innovation required
- Securing alternate end of life management for bioplastics
- Outcomes arising from the program
- Plans for future of the program
Susanna Carson
BSI Biodegradable Solutions and

Annalisa Zaniol
Purchasing Manager
Vancouver Aquarium

12:35 - 12:40 p.m. Closing Remarks and conclusion of conference

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